Thursday, July 9, 2009

Practice makes better


I woke up early and went for a walk around Sao Tome. I wanted to walk to the dock and see them selling fish but I got thier kind of late. So I continued to walk around. I found the French was really nice and the size of their embassy made me realize why I have seen a lot of french military around. It was a pretty massive compound thats well hidden by trees and what not. I walked for about an hour or two. I don't know why I went walking but it felt good to just walk around and expirence an early morning in Sao Tome

I got back and everyone else was just waking up. We had breakfast and then planned out what we were going to teach today at the school. Ashley was going to teach distance, a program that measures the distance between two laptops and Mike planned to teach Scratch, a low level programming application.

Todays lesson went really well. Mike and Ashley did a good job of getting thier points across and the teachers picked up a lot of the information quickly. Ian and Andrew were thier. They are researchers doing some data gathering on malaria in Sao Tome. I was talking to Ian and we came to the conclusion that regardless of age, computer illiterate people respond to information the same. Its true because even with the language barrier and the fact that the teachers were a little older, they were responding like kids would be responding in a high school computer course.

Nothing else happened today.... Judy cooked a really good dinner and the peppers she used were blazing hot. Everyone was sweating from eating them. I thought it was funny.

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