Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jay-z and the Ocean

Hmm.... Where were we....


Corey, Mike and I went to get lined and shaved up at the barber. We stopped at the market to get some stuff for sandwiches for lunch and we saw someone in a wheelchair that Jeff and Lisa gave out.

Met with 6th grade teachers and trained them on how to use applications on laptop. The teachers were very uneasy at first but they started getting into it and eventually they were really excited about the laptops.

I forget what else happened.... oh yes, we watched forgetting Sarah Marshall and it was still as funny as the first time I saw it.

Free day!...We didn't have anything scheduled to do, so we hung around and relaxed. Everyone was working on little side projects that we were doing. I was appointed the head of external affiairs for our group, so my job is to find other opportunities for us to help out around the island besides our deployment. I was going to call Dr. Wang, a doctor that I met during lunch one time, to discuss with him if thier was any way would could assist his medical mission. I will look for other opportunities as the arise.

We sat around for a little bit, than Danielle and I decided to go to the National Archives and walked around . We walked down the street to the shore line and walked around for a little bit. There was a really nice breeze coming in so that was nice.

We got back and I started reading a book on the political struggles of Sao Tome. From what I've read so far, its not too far off from what every developing African country is going through. It was just interesting to hear another perspective, I guess.

Later on, we went to Ned's house for a going away party for Jeff and Lisa. They helped bring more wheelchairs to the island. It was a really nice way of saying that we were thankful for what they have done. Besides the fact that thier mobility project is a great cause, Jeff and Lisa are great. They are really cool people. It was really nice to meet them. ooh... Ned let us borrow some books from his impressive library. I've become quite the bookworm as of late. Hopefully that doesn't slow down anytime soon.

Ned's house is right on the ocean. I was hanging out on the dock. As I was looking out towards the endless ocean, I closed my eyes and started to clear my thoughts.... I felt a peace that I had not felt in a while. It felt great to just be able to sit out there and feel so peaceful.

Now its about 11:20 and I can barely keep my eyes open.

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  1. That is beautiful...hearing about your time out by the ocean.

    I do have a question for ya: from your perspective, what is it about Sao Tome that brings in so many foreigners/volunteers? Is it the political stability? the attractiveness and location? the government's openness & cooperation with NGOs?