Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back on Track...Kindof

Chill day.... We all woke up and went to the beach. I didn't really feel like swimming again so I just went in to Omali Lodge and hung out and got up to date on news. After that, we went out to lunch and then went home. Later on, Ashley, Danielle and Corey gave a XO lesson to two kids as a trial run. It went pretty well. A pretty non eventful day.

Tuesday..... We started the day early and went to go talk to the teachers about implementing the XO's into thier curriculum. The director gave us the wrong teachers. We needed 6th grade teachers and he gave us 5th grade teachers. We decided to comeback later on when the 6th grade teachers were free.

We decided to walk to Step-Up after our meeting at the school. Jack and Lisa were giving out wheelchairs that they brought through their mobility project. THey were giving out new, used and refurbished wheelchairs to people that came in. Their was a camera crew covering the ceremony and Everyone in Step-Up was there. It was nice to see the project have an instant inpact like it did. People were wheeling around in thier all terrain wheel chairs and kids were smiling as they were being pushed around. It was really a site to see.

After that, we went home for lunch and had squid and fried bread fruit. The squid was decent and the bread fruit was pretty good. Fried bread fruit taste like potatos. The squid was tough and was difficult to eat. May I stress once again....anything tastes good if it prepared well enough. Oh, Danny's (Ned's driver and friend) sister stopped by and she was cool. She works for the Coast gaurd and she is going to China for 7 years for electric engineering. I dunno... 7 years in China is a long time.

Later on I decided to play basketball at the court down the street from us. I was warming up and my shot was looking pretty good. Their was a team practicing but I wasn't really sure what they were practicing for but they looked pretty big and decently atheletic. Their were two coaches, who both spoke great english. The one coach looked like Forest Whitiker. I got an opportunity to talk to the coaches and I found out that they were the youth-17 national team. They were leaving for portugal on Monday for a tournament. I asked them if they had any sponsorships or anything and they said no. None of these kids had good basketball shoes on. The basketball they practiced with sucks. They didn't really have much, but you could tell by the way they played that they loved the game. They were defensive minded team. They thrive on the fast break and they are all decently athletic. They will outrun and outlast any team out there. The problem lies in their fundementals. They don't have the offensive fundementals down and they won't be able to keep up with firepower of the European teams. Anyways, it was fun playing with them....They play so fast and I got tired quick....hahaha.... Maybe because I'm out of shape and they are totally in shape...I don't know maybe its a mixture of both.

I was really tired from Basketball and I just wanted to take a shower and go to sleep.... There was no electricity in the house so I decided to go to Yoga with everyone. One of Ashleys friends was teaching in so it was pretty welcoming. I decided to sit out and watch because I was so tired, I didn't think I would have total control of my body. So everyone was doing yoga and I was watching/falling asleep. After that, we got introduced to some of the people in the class. One of the ladies was a news anchor for BBC. She's pretty

After that we went to dinner at this really nice restaurant. Its the kind of restaurant that doesn't have a menu but has a killer view of the ocean.....yea that kind of restaurant. Corey and I, like bums, ordered beef when we should have ordered Barracuda. The beef was good, but it wasn't as good as the barracuda looked.

We ended the night at Omali lodge using the internet.

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