Friday, July 10, 2009

Serving them up....

Keep your ears closed and let your eyes listen

Today was the last day of teacher training. We went through more programs and taught the teachers how to share files from laptop to laptop.

Me, Mike and Corey went to see James at work. He wanted us to help him fix two computers that were broken. Mike concluded that the power supplies were faulty because of unstable electricity.

We got back from James's and walked with Danielle to the National Archives. We walked around for a little bit and watched an old video about plantation life.  It was really interesting to learn about the history of Sao Tome. After the National archives, we all went on a bolo A bolo is a type of donut that is made here in Sao Tome. The best way to describe a bolo is to imagine a donut without a hole in the middle and sugar sprinkled on top. When these bolos are fresh, they are almost as addictive as They are really good.

After the bolo run, we met up with Ashley and headed towards Cafe Capania for dinner. on Thursdays, they have a live band and everyone comes to here them play. We met up with Andy, Ian, Judy, and Paul. They went to Neves to eat Crabs.  Fun stuff.... Yea so we stay at Cafe Capania for a little while and after that we head home.

Bonfire!!! Mike had the bright idea of having a bonfire and hanging out since we didn't have anything to do on Friday. That was pretty fun. We got the fire started and just chilled... Good ending to a good day.

Timeless trees and the fruits they bare

Woke up early today and found out that we were going to a plantation/old hospital.  We had passed it on the way to Neves but we never got to explore the area. We went to breakfast and the got a taxi to take us. It was interesting because the driver had family at that lived around the area so he knew a litte bit about the area.  We walked around and toured the abandoned house and got to look at the cocoa that was being processed. *Historical note....When the country got its independence in 1975, they nationalized all the plantations and production of cocoa and coffee were sold by the government....oh and people that live in these plantations are descendents of the slaves and the workers of that plantation.

I know I'm all over the place in terms of information but there was just so much to see.  After touring the abandoned hospital, we went to see the botanical garden they had. It had really excotic plants that were very interesting. They had one plant that would retract on touch. They had the cola nut tree as well.

After touring the plantation/ hospital, we went to eat lunch in the nearby town of Guadalupe. We had rice, bananna, salad and fish. It was really good. After that we headed back to Sao Tome City

Later on we went out for dinner at Jasmines.... We had pizzas.... fun stuff....

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